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These Are The Most Common Solar Questions Asked By Business Owners - Answered by Energy Options

Solar energy is one of the most rewarding investment decisions for any business, as it helps them to save a fortune on power bills every month. 

This, in turn helps reduce operational expenses and improve the bottom line, thereby increasing profits and growth opportunities for the business overall. 

Written By Jonathan Masiyenyama

Energy Options clients who have gone solar in the past are examples and propagators of the various benefits of solar such as power independence, tax savings in the form of Accelerated Depreciation and eco-friendliness.

However, as solar systems require a sizable investment, we at Energy Options receive a ton of questions from existing and prospective clients. With this blog, we hope to answer some of the most commonly asked solar questions by business leaders. 
These Are The Most Common Solar Questions Asked By Business Owners - Answered by Energy Options
Solar Questions Asked By Business Owners

So that if you are planning to go solar, you can make an informed decision and get started on your solar journey.

1. How much can your business save with solar?

Installing a solar system can help a business save up to 80% on power bills every month. That being said, the savings potential varies depending on various factors like power consumption, power tariffs, solar irradiance, industry type, solar system type (on-grid, off-grid or hybrid) and solar system size of the business. 

You can know the estimated monthly, yearly and lifetime solar saving potential of your business by sending us the monthly power bill of your business.

2. What is the optimum solar system size for your business?

The Optimum Solar System Size is the one that is capable of fulfilling all your power requirements. And it depends on factors such as your power consumption, your sanctioned load, and the solar irradiance of your region which depends on your total shadow-free area, location etc. 

Usually, the optimum solar system size is equal to your sanctioned load, but it can be less if you have low power requirements or high solar irradiance. Your Optimum Solar System Size also depends on the type of solar system that you are considering for your business.

With our World Class in-house Engineering team, we ensure that the proposed system size to all our customers is optimum and best suited to their economic needs.

3. How much will it cost to solarize your business?

The cost of Solarizing your business is influenced by the type and size of the solar system that you choose for your business. However, the cost of your solar system is almost a fraction when compared to how much your business will be saving on power bills with solar.

4. What will be the break-even period of your Solar Investment?

The break-even period of your solar investment will depend on factors such as the cost of your solar system, the energy generated from the solar system, the energy being consumed, the type of solar system, and other factors. But on average, it can be said that the payback period for a solar system is around 3~5 years. For example, a company administration block in Harare with an average monthly electricity bill of $200 will achieve its solar break-even in around 2.5 years; with an estimated ROI of 62.2%.

5. How do you choose the best Solar Installer for your business?

Going solar is a long term commitment and therefore choosing the right solar partner is critical for any entity. And this starts with knowing the capabilities, track record, reputation, presence and offerings of the solar installer. You can learn more in detail about how to pick the right solar partner here.

6. What will your business lose by delaying the decision of going solar?

A lot! Just like time and tides wait for none, the opportunity to save waits for no one either. Think of it this way - if your business has the potential to save $200 USD a month on power bills and you delay the decision to go solar by 3 years, that's a loss of $7 200 right there. 
These Are The Most Common Solar Questions Asked By Business Owners - Answered by Energy Options
Solar Questions Asked By Business Owners
This money if saved could have helped increase profits, giving you more funds to expand your business and also would have increased your business's overall financial stability. Not to mention the loss in tax benefits and goodwill that comes with the delay.


Solar is becoming a strategic business decision of top businesses around the globe. Therefore, whether to go solar or not should not be your question, but how to go solar and with whom?

We hope you liked the article and could use it to your purpose. We hope you would spread the benefits of solar amongst your friends and family and will make it a part of your life too.
Solar Questions Asked By Business Owners
Solar Questions Asked By Business Owners 

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