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Commercial Systems

Make your commercial project simple with SegenSolar.

The construction and operation of commercial-scale solar PV systems relies on significant investment, with many things determining the success of the project and the performance of the PV array.

As a large supplier of complete solar PV systems in Africa and Europe, we offer a full range of products for commercial-scale PV systems up to 1MW.

We offer a full range of design and quotation support to enable you to identify the most appropriate solution for your site.

Deliveries can be arranged around your project requirements, a hassle free and reliable service.

Our wide product range means there is something for every application. We have an extensive portfolio of world class three phase inverters specifically selected for the African market from brands such as Huawei and Solis that deliver on price but in no way compromising on quality, service and performance. All our inverter brands offer accessories for sophisticated monitoring, communication or plant management.

We offer pre and post sales technical support from initial product selection and design to remote assistance during the installation and commissioning of the system.

Commercial installations make up a large part of the market and SegenSolar recognises the need for a comprehensive guide for installers. The SegenSolar sales, technical and marketing team have worked collaboratively to come up with a useful and informative guide to assist you when you are considering a commercial project.

If you are a Solar Installer, click here to enquire more about the solutions SegenSolar could offer you.

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