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Why Choose Us? 
Our solar systems provide reliable power for homes, businesses and farms nationwide. We make sure our system performs to your satisfaction by addressing all your power requirements.

Our equipment is supplied by leading global solar brands from USA, China and India. With the best equipment, you are assured the system will never fail.

Will It Work 24/7?

At SolarCity, we design your system to your preference and we have solutions that can run for 24 hours.

How about cloud cover?

Clouds, like a shadow reduce the output of solar panels. Our stores also have options for high efficiency which include monocrystalline, PERC technology and half cell panels that perform well in overcast weather giving you power all year round. No excuses!

Will a good system cost too much?

A sufficient and satisfactory solar system will not come cheap. Getting a finance plan will prevent you from resorting to either purchasing inadequate or substandard equipment.

The initial cost is just the same as buying a new generator and the terms are equivalent to monthly fuel costs, though not paid forever.

Still Building The House?

Our Electrical Services department provides tubing and wiring for new houses. Our approach to domestic eletrical installations is based upon energy efficiency and giving your home a modern feel.

We also integrate existing electrical systems with solar and generator back up.

Buy Your Equipment Online

Would you rather install the system on your own? Our Store has all the accessories you need to make your DIY project a success. We have accessories ranging from panel rails, connectors, cables and battery cabinets to complete a smart home solar installation.

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Energy Options Is One Of The Leading Solar Energy Companies, Developing, Installing and Operating Solar Systems For Homes, Businesses and Solar Farms in Zimbabwe.

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